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Yogi Siddhant

Founder of Siddhant School of Yoga

Acharya Siddhant visited different places for the sake of his spiritual awakening and finally came to Rishikesh and started his intense spiritual practice near the presence of the holy river Ganga and the Himalayas. By that time, he frequently visited different great Sadhus and yogis of Himalaya to discoverunique spiritual practices and unlock the secret of life. All those techniques made a very powerful impact on Siddhant and his spiritual transformation.

Acharya Siddhant focuses on Hatha Yoga, Meditation Yoga philosophy, and Pranayama as these all help you to develop the right understanding and the attitude of gratitude in you for your complete growth. Nowadays Acharya Siddhant is staying in Rishikesh, India, and running a yoga school named ‘Siddhant School of Yoga’. He is sharing his knowledge & understanding with those seekers who come from different parts of the world to learn yoga, spirituality, and its other important aspects.