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The FAQ is the most useful part of a website every website moves into a certain pattern but the FAQ of that website gives open space to a visitor for finding something unique out of that pattern. FAQ always help you to go deep into the subject directly or indirectly. Here in this website the content, the photographs, the design, the reviews, the fonts, the colors, and everything presented by siddhant school of yoga giving priority to our qualities and our presentation. But the FAQs is designed to so that the visitor can look. That's why FAQs makes the website balance. It is not easy to present all the information in one website so FAQ is a right option to present something precisely in a short way, it is really very helpful for the visitor visiting the website for their queries

Siddhant School of Yoga, one of authentic and result oriented yoga school in Rishikesh, India. We are providing high-quality yoga education and curriculum following the standards of Yoga Alliance USA.

Our 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course are certified by Yoga Alliance USA. We are providing a 500-hour Yoga TTC as it is a combination of 200 hours and 300 hours Yoga Program. After certification from Siddhant School of Yoga, you will be eligible to teach throughout the world as a Yoga teacher.

Note: After certification, you need to register yourself at Yoga Alliance to become an officially Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)according to Yoga Alliance USA. The Yoga Alliance will charge almost $115 as the registration fees to register yourself as a yoga teacher. For your kind information more than 70000 Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and more than 30000 Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) you can find in Yoga Alliance family. So come be a part of a big and beautiful family of Yoga. For more information please visit www.yogaalliance.com.

The 'Right Attitude' is the only eligibility criteria to participate in a yoga course. If you have the right attitude, definitely you can join a yoga course and get the benefit for your growth. Besides this basic eligibility, you need to have some more practical eligibility to attend any kind of yoga program at Siddhant School of Yoga.

  • 1- The applicant should be in a good physical condition.
  • 2- Need to be open-mind and eagerness to understand and practice Yoga.
  • 3- Dedication to practice 9 to10 hours daily with 100% attendance.
  • 4- You must be a vegetarian during the yoga course.
  • 5- Alcohol, drugs, and smoking are must not be allowed during the yoga course.
  • 6- Need to know basic English.
  • 7- Age group in-between 18 to 60 years.
  • 8- Must not have any surgery for last one year.
  • 9- Not allowed with any kids.

All these basic points are the eligibility criteria of yoga courses provided by Siddhant School of Yoga is really help you to understand and practice Yoga for your growth and success. Please go through all these points carefully before join a yoga course.

1. Two (2) color photocopy of your Passport are required, it should be very clear. Please be aware, you need to show the original Passport to us.

2. Two (2) color passport size photo is required, it should be very clear.

We need to know your Visa expiry date, as you got before arrival.

Let you remind that you are required an Indian Tourist Visa before traveling to India.

To arrival in India, you as a foreigner need a Visa. Give yourself some amount of time to arrange an Indian Tourist Visa from the Indian embassy or through the Visa services company before leaving your country and traveling to India. Please arrange your health and travel insurance and other important requirements like bank and credit card issues before leaving your home town and country.

You are most welcome to Siddhant School of Yoga. You can come to stay before one day, the starting date of the yoga course. Upon your arrival in our yoga school, you will provide your room to take rest and fresh. After some rest please come to the office and fill-up your course application form and deposit the rest of your course fees. Then you will get the current day and next day schedule and we will show all the areas, you are going to use throughout the yoga program, like Yoga Hall, Dining, etc.

On the starting day of the yoga course, you will provide a Hatha-Yoga class in the morning at 8:00 am to 9:00 am then you will have your breakfast. At 10:30 a.m. our fire-ceremony program, the traditional way to start any program in India. After that, we will take a group photo for your good memory and for official use and just after that, you will get your study-materials for your yoga TTC and then Lunch and rest.

At 3:00 pm, the starting day of the yoga course, we are conducting an orientation class to let you know all about the yoga course. Such as About teachers, syllabus, rule and regulations, food, accommodation, benefits, the right way to go through the Yoga course and many other things looking to the success of this Yoga Course.

In this orientation meeting, the students meet each other and get introduced the teachers to our new students. Here you will be asked about your expectations and goals so that we can help you accordingly during the yoga course. You can ask anything, whatever you want more or want to know about more in this Yoga Course, definitely, we will try our best to cooperate and provide to you. In this orientation session, you will get the 1st-week yoga course schedule and then after, the Yoga course starts officially along with the Ashtanga Yoga class in the evening.

You are most welcome to our school. We are providing everything to you related to Yoga education, food, and accommodation. We are here to help and serve you as a friend and family but it will be better to bring some useful things to help you and will be comfortable and convenient for you during yoga course.

You can bring your tablets, cameras, laptops and any other electronics products you are using for your easy and growing life. You should bring 2(two) passport size photographs for our record and certificate, mobile phone, cords of the electronic devices, ATM Debit Card (for the best exchange rate) clothes suits the seasons, comfortable clothes for practicing yoga, shoes, travel towel, first aid kit and basic medications and any personal belongings item. You may bring the musical instrument, mp3 player or anything else that you thinks is necessary. Please do not brings those things which are not useful and necessary during the travel or Yoga course, such as expensive jewelry and ornaments. If you bring, please be aware of your things and keep them safe. We are not responsible if any theft happens over here. However, Siddhant School of Yoga gives priority to your safety.