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- Luba - Czech Republic

Siddhant School of Yoga it's amazing yoga school in Rishikesh. It's hard to pick a good school as there are hundreds of yoga schools there. The school helps you establish your pranayama and asana practice. The whole team helps you to reconnect ..

with your self to follow your path of growth and direction. If you are reading this review you know you are in the right place, just follow your heart.

Neej Bhavsar Canada

Absolutely Incredible! Siddhant and his team managed to exceed my expectations. They did everything to make sure I had what I needed and more. If you are looking to deepen your practice or looking to become a yoga instructor this is the

spot to be. The entire team at this school are very intelligent and experienced. They have provided me with exceptional knowledge of not only yoga but about life and setting goals for yourself. Siddhant is a great teacher who has a big heart and is always willing to help you. I have truly cherished my time here, from all the excursions we went on, to the wonderful yogic food, and all the great times we have created. It was a lifetime experience for me and I will definitely be back. Thank you for everything! Remember: Gratitude is the Attitude. Hari Om.

Carme Fontanet Mor Spain

I stumbled across Siddhant School of Yoga while I was one second from booking another yoga school in Rishikesh, and I have zero regrets about it! This yoga school exceeded all my expectations. I felt at home since the first day, the staff

was very welcoming and helpful during all my stay. They all are truly passionate about teaching yoga and you sense it immediately! Now I can tell you I have an Indian family in Rishikesh!

Michael Levit Germany

It is impossible to overrate the experience I had in the 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training with Siddhant and his crew of competent teachers and helpers. I didn't know there is a place on earth where all my questions could be answered understandably without...

any doubt. The course showed me where I am, where I need to go, and most importantly how I get there. Siddhant is using 100% of his energy to make everything as clear as possible to his students to maximize their growth. For him, it is about the real understanding of the ancient practice of Yoga and its use for our modern-day life. Also, the physical part concerning Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga was very insightful and challenging, no matter on which level you are before the course. After the 24 days, I felt a lot stronger and capable of things I didn't think I could do in this lifetime. The accommodation and food were excellent and everyone tried to make the stay as comfortable and productive as possible. The excursions on our free days were always exciting and well planned. I am incredibly happy to have found such a pure and loving institution and I look forward to staying in touch with Siddhant and his team, who became real friends I can count on. I am sure one day I will come back to continue and deepen the knowledge I acquired in these 24 days. Thank you Siddhant School of Yoga from all my heart for this wonderful time and experience!

Romina Italy

Even if this school is not much advertised, in between hundreds of school something called me here. And I definitely can say that the Universe made me one of the greatest gift! Here you can find so much love, passion, knowledge, comprehension, experience,..

smiles, shining eyes that you just feel you want to stay more. They have a unique teaching method plus classes are small not over a dozen of people. It is a full immersion course about all aspects of Yoga from Pranayama to Asana, philosophy, mantra chanting, anatomy, meditation. The main goal is understanding and makes the practice personal. I learned so many things with these people that my list would be too long but I can say that gratitude is now one of the most popular words in my daily life. Thank you to all of you! We will meet soon

Anna Tsvetanova Belgium

I had an amazing time at the Siddhant School of yoga. The teachers were of the highest level, the way the program is built is very professional, the location the course was just amazing. Every small detail was thought of with love. I cannot describe

how much I have learned during the training and how the whole experience has shifted me toward a better, more knowing, focused and grateful self. It is not just a Yoga teacher's training, it is School of life, and how to create a better future - for yourself and society. I am really grateful to Siddhant and the whole team and I recommend the Siddhant School of Yoga, in my opinion, this is the most valuable training one could experience.

Gizelle Jean Kennel South Affica

It has honestly taken me too long to write this review, but I'm happy I took my time. Siddhant School of Yoga is not just a place of learning where you walk away with a certificate and knowledge of how to teach. It is so soo much more. Siddhant and everyone

involved with the school instills in you the importance of gratitude, practice and experience and leads by their example. You are taught that through your dedication to your Self-practice you are able to attract or manifest anything you really want in your life. Its really true, my life is changing every day to match the intentions I set during the course. Incredible! There are many schools to choose from in Rishikesh, but not many where you walk away with a deep established practice and understanding. I found the school through trial and error and am grateful for everything that brought me to its doorstep. I am growing, learning and very GRATEFUL every day!!!!!

Aurélie Blanchard France

I came here not because of a choice of departure, but rather because of some impression that I had to do it! I started yoga at Nikitan Ashram and I just loved it (I practice yoga at home but not really every week or every month, so in a very chaotic way)...

And now, thanks to this school, I feel energized every morning and I'm so grateful for that! I feel it's easier for me to stay focused, it was very difficult for me to have the bad habit of falling asleep everywhere. This school is more than a normal school, it's more than that. It's learning to live in a different way, your way, depending on your decision! Everyone is so nice in this school that it feels like home, everyone taking care of you. And because the general atmosphere is full of this wonderful feeling of gratitude, the other students are also great and always there to help each other! It's like unreal! :) Thank you very much Siddhant school! I miss you! Lili...

Paras Nigeria

The TTC course with Siddhant is really transformative. The pace of learning is incredible and you feel all the positive changes in your body and mind starts happening from the 3rd day itself.The most unique part of the course is siddhant's special methodology...

for teaching pranayama and philosophy. He makes them so clear and easy to practice. There are incredible benefits of Pranayama through which we can redesign our lifes and this school helped me discover them.