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200 hrs Yoga TTC

200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

This 200 hour Yoga TTC is a complete package to become a yoga instructor. This Yoga certification course gives you the right knowledge about the Indian traditional Yoga. The yoga course can give you strength, stamina, balance, wisdom, and everything for a healthy and practical life.You can experience the essence of Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation during this yoga course.

Yoga Retreat

yoga retreat in India

This yoga and meditation retreat helps you to revitalize body, mind, Prana & your understanding. This 2 week yoga retreat refreshes and motivates you to practice yoga for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In this 100-hour yoga teacher training course, you will get the proper tips & techniques to continue your practice after this yoga retreat.

Yoga for Beginners

7 days yoga retreat

This yoga course for beginners really helps you to know about the basic yoga and its all aspects for a practical life. you can understand the importance of yoga here in this short yoga program. You can start up one-week yoga course with Siddhant School of Yoga as Yoga beginner for a new journey.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course
in Rishikesh, India

Siddhant School of Yoga (SSY) is a Registered Yoga School (RYS 200) approved by Yoga Alliance, USA. It locates in Rishikesh, Himalaya, India which is one of the beautiful city in the world regarding nature, yoga, and spirituality. SSY continuously and progressively conducting 200 hours Residential Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) in Rishikesh for creating professional Yoga Teachers who will guide the future generation.

India is a scientific spiritual country. Indian yogic methods are totally scientific for spiritual awakening, whether the modern science understood yet or not. Indian yogic science is not only meant for Samadhi but also it guides common human beings for a balanced and practical life. Thousand of methods we can find in Indian Yogic Science for Transformation and these are really very beneficial and useful in this present situation as thousands year before. In this present time, it is very difficult to get the right technique for yoga practitioners, which is beneficial for them. So, Siddhant School of Yoga collected very few and effective methods for them to solve their practical problems and able to give them an experience of peace, happiness, and clarity. Our 200 hours yoga teacher training program covers classical Yoga techniques in a warm and friendly environment gets students in a deep awareness of the spiritual essence of life.

Here Siddhant School of Yoga presents yoga alliance certified 200 hrs Yoga TTC as a revolutionary concept to step into the world society for making a healthy and positive environment by traditional yoga practice to create professional and mystic yoga teachers, who will change the face of the world.

The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program is suitable and best for anyone at a beginner or intermediate and advanced level of Yoga. In this 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India - you are going through Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Meditation, Indian Philosophy, Pranayama, Mudra (gesture), Bandha(lock) Yognidra, Mantra chanting, Yogic purification, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy & Physiology, Methods of Relaxation and many more aspects related to Motivation, success & growth. After completion of certified yoga teacher training course, you can apply for 200 hours Register Yoga Teacher (RYT) from Yoga Alliance, USA and become a certified yoga teacher and teach yoga throughout the world.

All the course offered by SSY are very scientific & useful for spiritual and practical aspect towards growth. These courses are specially designed, by the support of Indian ancient yogic scriptures, by the living realization persons & by our self-experience. You can find a glimpse of India traditional rich culture in our course helps to realize that yoga is not only physical exercise but it is a complete lifestyle towards complete growth. Siddhant School of Yoga is a motivational intensive practice center with a proper workshop for transformation as per Indian Yogic Science.

What makes us unique

founder of Siddhant School of Yoga

Yoga professionals are practicing and teaching yoga still they are unable to present YOGA as a key factor to success, growth, and happiness. The Modern society thinks money, power, and success are the co-factor for a better life and yoga is the only different type of postures or a therapy. Now Siddhant School of Yoga(SSY) tries to present that yoga is the ultimate solution for any kind of challenge to achieve anything and everything. SSY says yoga is the best way to stay healthy as well as get sure success, peace, and happiness because yoga helps you to develop your strength, focus, willpower, discipline, clarity, gratitude and much more. Yes, these all qualities are essential for any kind of inner growth and outer achievement. Of course, you need proper guidance, where you can learn the balance between your inner and outer world. Siddhant School of Yoga collects some unique and best techniques from ancient Indian Yogic scriptures and presents through 200 hours yoga teacher training course so that students can practice and gets the clarity to choose their goal whether it may be as a yoga profession or any other. SSY is a yoga school with motivational attitude to guide you for proper balance and understanding in your life. Our small initiative to reconnect the yoga with the current generation to create yoga professionals.

Benefits with Siddhant School of Yoga
  • Complete Growth
  • Intense Practice
  • Secrets of Breathing
  • Kundalini awakening
  • Proper knowledge of Asanas
  • Secrets of Yoga
  • Professional Yoga Teacher
  • Benefits of Mantra
  • Yoga after course
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Mental Solution
Complete growth has to be related to every aspect of your personality. Your personality includes -physical body, mental body, pranic body, understanding body and bliss body.Complete Growth means simultaneously growth of these five bodies. You should have to develop your physical health, mental balance, energy balance and understanding simultaneously to get the blissful, joyful and happy life. Here in this Yoga TTC, Siddhant School of Yoga presents all the aspects of Yoga rightly looking to your personality which is really helpful to you for your complete growth.
Intense practice is something to practice 100% with proper technique according to lifestyle and understanding of the practitioner. Growth is related to intense practice, the right attitude and right method are related to intense practice. Siddhant School of Yoga is here to motivate you to do intense practice with giving the right technique for your growth accordingly.
Breathing is necessary for a life to live. But the science of breathing is very much important to live a healthy, wealthy and wise life. Siddhant School of Yoga discovered some unique techniques of breathing which can help you to free from physical and mental disease.Right breathing practice, during yoga course, helps to balance and heal your body, mind, and prana completely. The secret of breathing can experience you the bodylessness and the thoughtlessness, the real form of Yoga.
Kundalini is not just an energy. Kundalini itself is a source of knowledge and wisdom. A little amount of Kundalini has already awakened in each and everybody for their normal lifestyle.When starts awakening, Kundalini takes care of you like a mother in all dimensions.So in India, we never say just Kundalini, we always say mother kundalini. Siddhant School of Yoga here presenting some secret and classical kundalini meditation techniques to awaken mother kundalini, looking forward to achieving some creativity and a higher state of consciousness.
Indian ancient yoga culture presents 'Asana' for inner growth. Asanas are not meant just for physical health, of course, physical health is the by-product of Asanas. If you practice asana having proper knowledge definitely you can develop your willpower, patience, witness ability, awareness and many more qualities, which are the basic qualities for inner growth. Proper knowledge of Asana is not concerned about Asana itself, it is really concerned about the way you practice with your Asana teacher. You can get the right yoga teacher and proper knowledge about Asana from Siddhant School of Yoga during the residential Yoga course to improve your inner qualities.
Yoga is the ultimate solution for all type of questions.You can find some existential questions, like "who am I, what is sleep, what is ignorance, what is death, what is life, what is samadhi (enlightenment)" these are the secrets of this universe, no one can answer them. You have to reveal the secrets by the help of YOGA through your inner experience, just like scientists are doing the experiment for the outer world. Siddhant School of Yoga Presents some great and unique techniques to the practitioner during these yoga courses, which help them to discover their inner world by experiencing something beyond because yoga is an inner science.
We committed to prepare and present you as a professional yoga teacher who will guide the future generation. You are here with Siddhant School of Yoga to become a professional Yoga Teacher. As a yoga teacher training school, we know all the aspects and qualities of a professional yoga teacher like committed attitude, right knowledge about the subject, goodwill for students and much more. The way we are conducting our yoga course to prepare a normal practitioner to a professional yoga teacher is really very appreciable.We are very confident because of our result.
Every letter and word have its own energy field and effect. Mantra means the collection of one letter, a group of letters or a group of words. Whenever you collect some energetic group of words they create a large amount of power which can be used in a creative way for the inner or outer growth. By Mantra you can do anything whatever you want because 'Mantra' is pure energy. You can find the different Mantra for different purpose like Mantra for good health, for money, for meditation, for power. Proper pronunciation of Mantra is very necessary for the good result. Siddhanta School of Yoga presents the right way of mantra chanting with Proper pronunciation every day during yoga courses.
Practice yoga and its different aspects during yoga teacher training courses are challenging but still, it is comfortable because of the group, schedule, surrounding and teachers. But after completion, of course, it is not easy to continue the practice in your place, but the Siddhant school of yoga designed as specific schedule according to your lifestyle and nature which help you to continue the practice in your place after the complication of yoga course. We are very much committed to our every student will be in touch at least for three months for your help.
Meditation is the gateway to yoga and very essential for a smooth life. Most of the people are suffering from some mental and emotional problem because of uncontrolled thoughts. If you control and manage your thought process, you can free from all kind of mental, emotional and physical problems. Mediation is the ultimate solution for everybody whether you are a yoga practitioner or a simple man because meditation leads you from more thought to less thought and towards control of the thoughts.Siddhant School of Yoga presents some unique and effective meditation methods to experience Meditation during residential yoga course.
All kind of mental problem because of uncontrolled thoughts and emotions, which belongs to the mind. Normally you do not know how to control your mind if you try in your own way, it is not giving the proper result because you do not know the nature of mind.Here Siddhant School of Yoga presents the right way of practice understanding the mind to solve the problem of your mind.Let you know your mental body totally depends upon the pranic body ( energy body ), if you work on your prana in a proper way, definitely you can control your mind and solve your mental problems.During this 200 hour yoga TTC Siddhant school of yoga presents right methods of Pranayama to control your mind and its problems.


Complete growth with Affordable price

200 hours Yoga TTC
Yoga Alliance certified
200 hrs Yoga TTC in Rishikesh
$1199Early bird discount avilable
  • 28 days course
  • Shared room
  • Attached bathroom with hot & cold water
  • 3 nutritious meals every day
  • 3 times tea or coffee every day
  • Free Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Free Study materials
  • Free Yoga Mat
  • Free Yogic purification kit
  • Short excursion trips
  • YA certified Course certificate
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200 hour Yoga TTC + Taj Mahal Tour
$1699for 28
from 03th Sep to 30th Sep 2018
Free pick-up service from Dehradun Airport
Free drop off service to Dehradun Airport
28 days courses
1 Ayurvedic massage
Special tour to Taj Mahal
Private Single Room
Attached bathroom with hot & cold water
3 nutritious meal every day
3 times tea every day
Free wi-fi
Free Study materials
Free Yoga Mat
Free Yogic Purification kit
Yoga Alliance certified Course Certificate
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Yoga for Beginners
$400for 1 week
  • 7 days course
  • Single Private room
  • Attached bathroom with hot & cold water
  • 3 nutritious meals every day
  • 3 times tea or coffee every day
  • Free Yoga Mat
  • Free Yogic purification kit
  • Free Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Short excursion trips
  • YA certified Course certificate
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Yoga Retreat

100 hour yoga Teacher Training
$700for 2 week
  • 14 days course
  • Single Private room
  • Attached bathroom with hot & cold water
  • 3 nutritious meals every day
  • 3 times tea or juice every day
  • Free Yoga Mat
  • Free Yogic purification kit
  • Free 24X7 Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Short excursion trips
  • YA certified Course certificate
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