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Yoga education is very important in our society. Actually, 'YOGA' is not an education it is the base of all education. We must know about a yoga teacher when we talk about yoga education. Few unique qualities you can find in a yoga teacher such as:

  • Right knowledge about subject
  • Equal behavior
  • Good / clear character
  • Self discipline
  • Self confidence
  • Motivational ability
  • Responsible
  • Self practitioner

Because of these qualities, yoga teachers deserved respect & honor as they contribute to create & maintain a good society directly or indirectly. A yoga teacher has a great potential to prepare you as a great personality having the right discipline and morality for a society.A yoga course is very helpful for personal growth and a yoga course is totally dependent upon a proper yoga teacher. A good cook prepares delicious food out of simple things same like a yoga teacher can transform you from a simple man to dedicated practitioner of yoga. Siddhant School of Yoga always likes to present some good yoga teachers during the yoga course for your inner growth.

founder of siddhant school of yoga
Founder of Siddhant School of Yoga

Siddhant whose root is “Deep in the Spiritual” and his flowering is “Outside”. He left his house for the sake of knowledge after his graduation.After that, Siddhant came Rishikesh and starts his intense spiritual practice near the presence of holy river Ganga and the Himalaya. By the time, he visited different great Sadhus and Yogis to unlock the secret of life and to discover unique spiritual practices. Those techniques have a very powerful impact on spiritual transformation. he spent years with the different spiritual masters and yogis in Himalaya and all over the India and learned, Different types of yoga, practical as well as theory(Hata Yoga, RAJ YOGA, KUNDALINI YOGA, LAYA YOGA, TANTRA YOGA, KRIYA YOGA, DHYAN YOGA MANTRA YOGA…..) Different kind of Pranayama,bandha(locks),Mudras(gestures),Different types of Yogic Kriyas ,Yog Nidra,Mantra chanting, Meditation, Relaxation Techniques, Communication Skills, Yoga Philosophy, Ancient Indian Philosophy, Knowledge about religious scriptures, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Acupressure, Magnet & Yoga Therapy, Ayurved, Yoga Anatomy, Cleansing Practice, Naturopathy and almost all the Techniques usedin different parts of World. After years of practicing and learning, he taught all the aspects of Yoga, all the Technique related to Yoga, all the tips related to growth and Yoga Philosophy all over the India representing Indian traditional culture in the scientific and logical way. Now, Siddhant is staying and running a yoga school”SIDDHANT SCHOOL OF YOGA” Rishikesh, India.He is sharing his knowledge & understanding to those seekers, who are coming to learn Yoga and its aspect from different parts of the world

yoga teacher Shubhanki
Yoga Teacher

Shubhanki Rohila is a combination of willingness and deep knowledge. She has been sharing her yoga anatomy knowledge among yoga students. Being a good anatomy teacher she inspires the students to acquire a disciplined yogic lifestyle to improve their way of living. Shubhanki has a bachelor degree in Biology ,master degree in English literature and she is trained in computer applications from one of the reputed institution of India.She also has a good experience as a language trainer and facilitator in working with various organizations of repute. She is a passionate professional teacher and received excellent reviews from all our students.

yoga teacher sandeep
Yoga Teacher

Sandeep is living in an ashram Rishikesh, India. He is studying & practicing Sanskrit and many religious books like Gita, Upnishad, Vedas & Yoga Sutras etc. He is also conducting fire ceremonies (Yangya). He has been practicing Hatha Yoga & Ashtanga Vinyasa since last 5 years. He knows body alignment & body adjustment. His aim is to gain and spread knowledge of Yoga to all.

yoga teacher gokul
Yoga Teacher

Gokul holds a Master Degree in Yogic Science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University , Haridwar as well as Master Degree in Computer Application from MDU .He completed bachelor in science from H.N.B. Garhwal University. He worked in a reputed company NSE IT Ltd in India. But later, he felt that his interest lay elsewhere .Gokul teaches at Swami Purnanand Degree College as well and has taught many other yoga centers. Because of science background, he has a good command over Human Anatomy and Physiology.

yoga teacher arpit
Yoga Teacher

Arpit is a young Yoga teacher at Guru Yog Peeth. Arpit was trained at Bihar School of Yoga, Munger. He is the disciple of Swami Niranjananda and Usha Mataji. He brings his knowledge of Bihar tradition of Yoga which is rich in its tradition and involves various Tantra techniques for self-refinement. Yogi Arpit believes in Simplicity is the best policy. Arpit’s energy is contagious; he has the natural capacity to motivate students in his class so they concentrate deeply, remain firm and draw upon their inner determination and strength. He is currently pursuing Bachelor degree in Yoga and Naturopathy. Arpit specializes in connecting breath to life for activate energy and calming down the mind and enjoy life in meditation. Arpit keenly shares his practical knowledge of meditation and yoga, to help his students in their spiritual progress.