About Siddhant School of YogaA Yoga School dedicates towards complete growth

About Siddhant School of Yoga

Siddhant School of Yoga is a registered yoga school for the residential yoga course. Siddhant School of Yoga is situated near holy river Ganga at Rishikesh India. Thank you for choosing siddhant school of yoga. Here we are presenting some unique yogic practices, some awakening methods, some life-changing courses and some practical question & its solution, that helps you to know about us & our teaching methods for the help to students and practitioners for their growth.

Siddhant School of Yoga is a yoga school as well as a motivation center with a proper workshop for complete growth. Siddhant School of yoga offering "Hatha Yoga & ashtanga vinyasa flow, pranayama, meditation, Indian philosophy, yogic purification methods, mantra chanting, relaxation & Yogendra Practice, basic Ayurveda, basic naturopathy, kundalini yoga, Acupressure, pranic healing, magnet therapy, Different types of intense yogic practice like different types of Bandhas (Locks), different kinds of Mudra ( Gestures), Energy management techniques, Technique for converting active energy to passive energy. And much more different aspects related to Motivation, growth & success.

Human personality includes five bodies (sheaths)

  • Physical Body – Outer cell
  • Mental Body – Thought & Emotions
  • Pranic Body / Energy Body – One’s Energy
  • Understanding Body – All the ideas, concepts & understandings.
  • Bliss Body – Feeling of joy, happiness, satisfaction, bliss

You are using all these bodies moment to moment, directly or indirectly to do something. But maybe you don’t know "how to deal and handle all these bodies altogether?"For your kind information all kinds of growth and balance related to these five bodies. We are presenting some right questions related to these bodies:

  • How to know you are growing by a physical body or not?
  • What are the symptoms of growth related to the physical body?
  • What to do for achieving physical growth?
  • How do you know that you are growing or not related to all the bodies
  • What is the symptom of growth related to all these bodies?

These questions really help you to find the proper way towards balance and growth.

Siddhant School of Yoga gives all the answer related these five bodies & related Growth. According to Bhagwat Gita, yoga means balance and journey towards the light of understanding. We help you to move step by step towards wisdom in a very scientific way. We will give you some symptoms and parameters so that you can measure yourself during the course "whether you are growing or not!". Here you can get the key to inner growth so that you can continue your practice in our home when you go back, for your real understanding.

Everybody knows, for any kind of success and growth, it may be the concern with the inner world or outer world one has to follow some rule & regulation (discipline).So one has to know “What is discipline?” & “Why discipline?” and “how to adopt discipline in our life” for practical lifestyle and wisdom. Here we are creating passive and active disciplines for sake of student’s growth. like- The schedule, maintaining sitting postures, practicing of gratitude, long breathing helps to maintain the discipline and takes a great role for proper growth. As a teacher training course's student or a yoga practitioner you must know about“schedule means what?” “How to design it” “how it is useful for a person in term of growth and wisdom.

As a Yoga school, we will solve your all questions in practically and intellectually related to yoga.In fact, you can get the right understanding related to yoga as a lifestyle so that you can manage to solve all the problems yourself, faces in day to day life.

Growth always depends upon some challenges. The challenges help you to discover your hidden strength, called” secret energy cord” which is very helpful for success in yoga and as well as outside of the world. We are always given some challenges to our students for their growth. Yes, you can find always new challenges in our every class.

For any kind of Success, growth, and achievement a lot of qualities required but out of them, these four is very important.

  • A positive Goal
  • Willpower
  • Concentration / Focusing Attitude
  • Positive thinking / Gratitude.

If we go through the Famous peoples who have achieved something in their life in the different field including spiritual field, we can find these four qualities in their life. Maybe not four but "a proper goal" & "willpower" is must for achieve something.

We love and respect that person who has a clarity of goal or vision. A proper & positive Goal helps to steady your practice in one field, which helps for achievement.A right Goal protects you from all kind of unnecessary things automatically. A goal helps to gather all your energy at one point. The goal itself Yogendra to develop the focusing attitude.

Siddhant School of Yoga is always ready to help one to find a right Goal for you. Please notice, “clarity of goal”l is the most challenging task in this world. Yes, you can solve this challenge over here with Siddhant School of Yoga.

In our society, we respect and love that person who maintains “Yes means Yes” and “No means No” This quality comes when you have a great willpower and stability. Maybe you know "willpower is the real power in this existence". You can achieve anything & everything by willpower.If you look within, you can find willpower is very much related to discipline & decision, not the quality of mind these qualities belong to your wisdom. We help you to develop the willpower step by step & day by day in a practical & yogic way. Yes, we help you to understand the nature of willpower so that you can help yourself and others.

As you know concentration(focusing attitude) is really helpful for all kinds success.

We help you to achieve the focusing tendency. We have some unique techniques and some secrets to develop your focus/concentration in a practical way. By practice, you can easily increase your focus, the key to success

Gratitude is the essence of all. The establishment in thankfulness is gratitude; it shows the highest state of consciousness. By practicing thankfulness you can be deep-rooted in gratitude. Here we arrange all our yoga courses in this way you have to practice thankfulness many times throughout the day. According to Indian tradition, thankfulness is the first step towards spiritual practice and gratitude is the final step in spirituality. We know you can solve all the problems and you can achieve everything by gratitude.

The person who has right goal, great willpower, focusing attitude, and gratitude is may be the complete and ideal person in this world and everything is possible for this man. Siddhant School of Yoga wants to prepare and present you as an ideal so that everybody can trust you, love you & looks towards you when they are in trouble and confusion. Off–course Siddhant School of Yoga helps you to live a free, joyful & blissful life forever in all aspects.

Siddhant School of Yoga is not only talking about growth and success our growth is not psychological at all, it is very much related to practical aspects of your life.

Upcoming Courses

SSY provides a different syllabus for the different type of course.

  • 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • Pranic Healing and Prana Sadhana
  • Meditation Retreat
  • Course for developing willpower
  • Course for establishing in Gratitude
  • Course for yogic purification
  • A course for discovering “Who are you?” & “What is your personality?”
  • A course for establishing sitting posture
  • a complete course Kundalini Yoga
  • Mantrayoga Sadhana
  • A course to know more about Indian Philosophy / Indian Yogic Philosophy
  • A course for establishing in the discipline
  • A course for completed concentration / focusing attitude
  • A course for completed growth (Related to five bodies)

These entire yoga courses given by SSY are really helpful for your inner growth which is very useful for the inner world as well as outer practical society.


SSY is not a simple yoga school; it is a yoga school as well as a motivation center. Our motive to change you so that the world changes the better way. SSY wants to help people to live their life very smooth & wisdom way.Our School helps you.

  • For clear vision
  • For willpower
  • For Gratitude
  • For focusing attitude
  • For different meditational experiences
  • For balancing personality
  • For less mental & Physical problems
  • For higher consciousness
  • For developing understanding
  • For experiencing “bliss”
  • For compassion
  • For experiencing “thoughtlessness”
  • For stress less life
  • For success
  • For physical & mental strength
  • For energy management
  • For experiencing kundalini
  • For better teaching method
  • For discovering the nature of discipline
  • For achieving “Big Result by small thinking”
  • For developing awareness
  • For discovering “What is being”
  • For discovering “What is watching”
  • For discovering “What is detachment”
  • For discovering “What is ego”
  • And much more than one’s expectation.

Let you know for growth, success, and achievement just two things required (1) Right Technique (2) Right Attitude. Yes, we have Right Techniques, and we believe you have the right attitude. We are really very glad to find you with us for your growth and also for a peaceful world.

We committed to continuously connect with the practitioner, by e-mail, F-book & different much more ways with the student to help them after the course, who have completed one course at Siddhant School of Yoga