Yoga Reviews

Yoga Reviews

I enjoyed both classes, pranayama especially even this smooth of practicing pranayama helped me. After practice, I feel so calm and less thought come to my mind. I will keep on practicing and I really hope that I will keep that magic feeling about the information I received from you in Moscow, back home. I will also practice attaching me from my personality, it is a beautiful tool. Thank You!

I have only good things to say about your classes. It shows that you are passionate and your passion is an inspiration to follow your steps. For me, taking 200-hour yoga course, it was really useful to progressive learning, practicing our thing at the time. It makes easier to understand each program and also to notice the change in my own body, increasing my capacity. And it is very satisfying to appreciate this progress and makes me want to go beyond. So again, I would change nothing in the way you are teaching. Your method is very accessible and easy to follow. But, most of all, your patience, your commitment, your will to show hour wonderful life can be, is the best thing of all. I end every class with tears in my eyes because I feel so happy to have the opportunity of having you in my life. Endless thanks to You. I wish I could return in some way all things you have given to me. As I told you, please contact me if you ever meed graphic design work. On if you even need anything else that I can help you with LOVE RESPECT THANKFULNESS to you.

I am sorry that I was not more vocal in your class. I am just on my own path. I am so thankful to you, though for sharing your knowledge and yourself, so generously. I have taken everything you have said to heart and this class has been so important to me. What I have learned from you has given me great hope for my future. I will continue to practice and grow. I am so thankful for my time spent here and feel that this was exactly where I was meant to be. My gratitude to you is overwhelming. Thank you.

Thanking you so much for a wonderful experience. I have never thought that I do not know to how to breathe. Your lesions were inspiring for me.

I am very grateful for having this opportunity of self-growth here in India getting to live in this Philosophy of Yoga and sharing me all these points of Pranayama and Positive thinking and many things that for now I am adding in my daily life. This is the experience of life.

Thank you, Siddhant for all your shared knowledge I have no words to express how thankful I feel, you were most of the important teacher I had. Lots of love. Namaste.

Pranayama classes: I really enjoyed your classes very clear and practical, well structured and with time to answer doubts

Thanking you so much for sharing this beautiful teaching. I feel it benefits me so much and I really hope I can continue when I leave. I loved to see you happy face every morning. I missed some other classes but I never missed this one.

I would have loved mere time for practice

I love your class! Your class was both philosophical and practical. I particularly enjoyed specific advice with backing by scripture and your experience.

Siddhant introduced me to the fascinating world of Pranayama during my YTTC in Rishikesh. His energy and enthusiasm inspired me to practice Pranayama regularly. A truly exceptional teacher. Driven by passion and a will to help others

I enjoyed both Pranayama and Philosophy very much. I learned the most practical and beneficial skill for my growth. I appreciate how you observe people and where they are how you clearly put you whole heart and energy into us. Beautiful

I found the information & practice of pranayama very useful and effective. It is something I can use in real life back home. Philosophy was interesting to learn about the introduction of many yogic structures. Siddhant has large knowledge of scriptures + teachings

Pranayama really helps me a lot. I will practice continuously when I go back to Taiwan.Thank you very much !!